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Best Weave for Blending Natural Hair

You wen't natural. No one mentioned just how much time and effort goes into maintaining naturally curly hair on a daily basis.

You deserve a break! It may be time for a protective style. 

What's the Best Weave for Blending Natural Hair?

how to blend natural hair with weave

Blending natural hair with weave may seem completely impossible but there are a lot of options on the market today that'll make blending your natural Type 3/4 leave-out with your extensions a breeze!

On your search for the best weave for blending natural hair, you'll want to take into account texture as well as quality for the ultimate seamless blend. 

Kinky Curly Weave (Type 3 Natural Hair)

Kinky Curly Weave is by far one of the BEST natural hair extension options on the market today. It's kinky curly texture is extremely versatile and can be manipulated to mimic the natural coil, kink or curl of your natural hair using various styling methods. Constructed from 100% Remy Human hair, kinky curly weave has been a customer favorite and best seller throughout the years. Customers are able to revive their natural hair extensions between various installs with no damage to their own natural hair by washing, twisting, coloring, even roller setting their kinky curly weave. 


Afro Kinky Curly Weave (Type 4 Natural Hair)

Afro Kinky Curly Weave is a Type 4 natural must-have. It's texture is less of a kink or curl but more on the afro side of the hair chart. It's coils are tight and uniform with the greatest shrinkage of all time resembling very similar characteristics of type 4a, 4b, & 4c natural hair. It's curl pattern just like kinky curly weave is achieved by steam processing 100% Remy Human hair; the highest grade & best quality human hair on the market, closest to virgin hair extensions. It can be styled in a variety of different hairstyles, wet or dry, twist or braid, even colored without losing it's coily texture overtime.  

Kinky Straight Weave (Transitioning Hair)

Kinky Straight Weave is ideal for relaxed women looking to transition into natural hair without the headache of blending bone straight hair with kinks and curls. Textured & full in its natural state, kinky straight weave mimics kinky curly hair in it's blown out state making it one of the easiest textures to blend transitioning hair with. Curl it, straighten it, leave it textured. You may find yourself reaching for kinky straight weave for added length or thickness to your transitioning tresses.

How to Blend Natural Hair with Weave

Kinky curly weave is the best weave for blending natural hair (Type 3). The natural low luster, 50-60% shrinkage & kinky texture mimics natural hair effortlessly, allowing for an extremely seamless blend. 

Afro kinky curly weave is the best weave for blending natural hair (Type 4). If you are on the curly/coily side of the spectrum, afro kinky curly weave will be your sidekick! It's 60-70% shrinkage is true to type 4 natural hair with a very low luster as well.

  • Damp/Wet Hair: |Highly Recommended| Blending your natural hair with weave is easy when done on damp/wet hair. Natural hair is at it's most flexible/pliable state when damp. You are able to mold and shape the hair into any desired style at this stage. Begin with wet hair or dampen hair with a spray bottle.
  • For a wet curly look: apply a curl defining gel or styler using the shingling method or denman brush for curl definition.
  • Wet down your kinky curly weave to activate it's natural curl pattern & interlock your natural hair strands with the extensions to conceal any blunt or harsh differences in length. Harsh leave-out is the number one giveaway that you are wearing hair extensions or a bad install.
  • For a bomb twist-out/braid-out: apply your go-to moisturizer or curl defining cream to both your natural hair and extensions and style as normal. Be sure to twist/braid your leave-out with your extensions to allow the curl pattern of the two textures to form together vs apart. You'll want to skip out on the heavy oils, gels and creams when working on your kinky curly/afro weave alone. Apply these products to your natural hair only to reduce exposure of heavy ingredients that can potentially weigh down your kinky curly extensions. Too much product is the biggest contributor to weigh down, lifeless, matted & stiff curly hair extensions. 
Friends don't let friends walk out with bad installs

What to Expect from Natural Hair Weave

  1. There is no such thing as Virgin Kinky Curly Hair 
  2. Tangling is inevitable
  3. Minimal Shedding is normal
  4. & Protective Styling does not mean No Maintenance necessary

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