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Large Ombre Feed In Cornrows using Gray Ombre Braiding Hair

Gone are the days of gray hair coverage! We're embracing silver locks & stepping into the future with the gray hair trend. Your favorite celebrities are playing in gray hair color from wigs with Kylie Jenner to box braids with Rihanna. Looks like gray hair is not only here to stay but totally fashionable. 

I was inspired by the gray hair trend to create these large ombre feed-in cornrows using gray ombre braiding hair for the added pop of color. This gray ombre braiding hair allows for the most subtle and seamless transition into such a bold color as gray.

The technique I will be using today is the ultimate protective style for naturals, and an easy fix for short haired curlfriends!

You'll need the following tools & products to complete this style:

Paddle Brush
Gel (I'm using Krystal Eco Styler Gel)
Weaving Needle & Thread
Rat Tail Comb


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