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Hair Care Instructions


Our Premium Kinky Curly Extensions are the ultimate protective style for stylish naturals seeking the enjoyment of length, volume, color and protection of their natural tresses for a period of time. Our Curly hair collections are constructed to seamlessly mimic the natural curl, kink or coil of our natural hair texture & curl pattern, allowing easy blending and similar maintenance. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality hair extensions as well as education for our Boss Ladies to maintain the same standard of quality for years to come. Yes! Some of our customers have re-installed, colored, cut and styled the same hair extension for over 1 year multiple times. It can be done! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Natural Boss Lady Bundles experience just as amazing!



Upon arrival, you will find your hair extension of choice packaged in our staple satin lined drawstring bag. This is the key to longevity for your extensions! Whether you are between bundle installs, taking out your clip ins for maintenance or simply taking a break; place your hair extensions in your satin lined back for protection. Satin is great for keeping moisture and minimizing frizz in textured hair. We have double lined the satin drawstring back for durability and extra protection. Throw it in your suitcase on vacation, in your closet until the next install, even under your sink to hide from BAE!





Human hair extension require prep before installing for sanitary reasons and for curly hair textures; to activate the hairs natural curl pattern. For curly, kinky, afro textures, we highly recommend co-washing prior to install. Simply rinse your extensions under water & conditioner to activate the natural curl pattern, define your natural hair extensions and rid the hair of loose/shedding hair from manufacturing. Denman/Paddle Brushes are great for detangling the hair and defining the curl pattern while the hair is still wet/damp and/or conditioned. Blot dry using a T-shirt or Micro fiber towel to soak up excess water and set aside to air dry/drip dry for optimal results and less frizz. Avoid rubbing the hair together to reduce tangling.